Bonta Gelato

Gelato from the great outdoors

Bonta was born in Bend, Oregon. Crafting gelato in small batches with the best ingredients from the Pacific North West, they deliver wholesome goodness in every scoop~. We helped them rejuvenate their brand with a new positioning and visual identity that celebrates the great outdoors and captures the spirit of ‘low adrenaline adventure’.

Brand strategy, Brand identity, Packaging, Illustration, Motion and Digital

Leveraging Bend’s reputation as a haven for ‘in the know’ outdoor enthusiasts, we created a distinctive brand that has regional relevance and national shelf appeal.

Scoop Cup_1

Illustrations by Aron Leah:

The brand pattern blends the gloopy world of gelato with topographical maps of regional landmarks, such as well-known peaks in the Cascade Mountain range.

The visual language is clean and minimal with pops of colour, inspired by the world of mountaineering and outdoor activewear. We’ve paired this with an offbeat illustration style which brings flavour and outdoor adventure scenes together.


The tagline ‘Born in Bend’ signals that this is a brand with the region at its heart. The tone of voice is playful and upbeat, with lines like: ‘Après Adventure’ and ‘Best enjoyed outside’ capturing the charm of the town’s laid-back lifestyle.

Bonta Hat Mockup_1
Walking Boots_1

We delivered a robust toolkit that allows the brand to thrive on and off pack, living across a variety of touch points, both physical and digital.

Bonta Van_1

When we first connected with Bonta they had dollops of potential, but an identity stuck in the past. By the end of the process we had reimagined the brand, with Bend at the forefront. This gave them a strong sense of provenance, a new found modernity and above all a charming playfulness that captures the essence of their hometown, and helped them secure new listings in regional stores.


The original Bonta brand.