A taste of tapas

Boqueria is a tapas restaurant in New York City and Washington DC. Owner, Yann de Rochefort~ wanted the spirit of the brand – great food and conversation – to be more overt in its visual identity.

Our solution was to let the food do the talking.

Brand identity, menus, coasters, signage, typeface creation.

Boqueria Logo
Magpie Boqueria Potato Animation
Boqueria Typography
Boqueria Typography
Boqueria Typography
Magpie Boqueria Prin Animation 1
Magpie Boqueria Onion Animation
Boqueria Menu
Boqueria Typography Animation

Bizarre Spanish idioms that reference food, command attention when translated into English because of their peculiarity.

Boqueria Coaster
Boqueria Poster
Boqueria Flag
Boqueria T-shirt
Boqueria Signage