Design District

A thriving home for ideas

More than just a workspace, Design District is an entirely new neighbourhood on the Greenwich Peninsula – designed and equipped to provide a permanent home for London’s creative industries~.

Conceived by a collective of 8 architectural practices, the scale and ambition of the development is laudable. With light-filled buildings that house fast-tech studios and craft workshops, a materials library, street-food market and members club, the district is purpose-built for innovation.

Our role was to build a brand as inclusive and supportive as the ethos that defined the project.

Brand Identity System, Strategic Platform, Design Guidelines & Toolkit, Environmental & Print Graphics


When we think about the companies and individuals that inspire us, it’s usually because there’s an outstanding idea at the heart of what they do. By prioritising communal spaces, encouraging knowledge-sharing and delivering business support services, Design District is helping to form a community of makers, united in the common pursuit of brilliant ideas.


To the world at large, the District champions the innovation and craft of the individuals who work there. Providing a platform so the world can see their creativity. When speaking to the resident community, however, there’s a change of pace. The tone becomes more informative, focusing on how to get the best out of the working environment, what’s happening locally, or where they can find a plentiful supply of post-its.