Ekur Advisors

A clear perspective in the landscape of risk.

Ekur approached us with a fundamental problem. Beyond the compliance department, nobody understood what they did~.

The independent consulting firm, who operate in the corporate compliance and risk management sector, found that board-level conversations were often hampered by the jargon and nuance that typifies their field.

We created a brand for the firm that speaks directly to the value of their services. Promoting their far-sighted business advice, and framing them as an experienced guide through a complex landscape of risk.

Brand strategy & creation, website, reports, business stationery.


We articulated a clear narrative for Ekur, establishing a central idea that brings context and clarity to what they do. The brand metaphor, of an experienced guide through the complex landscape of risk, emphasises the value they add, leading to the development of a complete brand language – of maps, mountains, paths and pitfalls – drawn from their local Swiss landscape.


Ekur saw rapid expansion following launch, adding over 50 new contracts to their roster in their first quarter. Beyond the corporate sector, they’re now advising governments, NGOs and think tanks on how to operate in a legal and ethically responsible way.