From wild roots

An alcohol-free spirit, made from plants and sourced in a positive way.~

Everleaf is the brainchild of Paul Mathew, a conservation biologist and bar owner with a long family connection to botany and the environment. In launching a non-alcoholic aperitif, Paul wanted to create an upbeat, positive brand that married his twin passions. A deep-rooted desire to promote the conservation of our natural environment, with the pursuit of the perfect cocktail.

Naming, Brand creation, Packaging, Print collateral

Magpie Everleaf Lay Down

The botanical prints used through the brand were created specifically for Everleaf using its 18 constituent ingredients. These ‘sun prints’, popularised by British botanist and photographer Anna Atkins in the early 1800s, involve exposing photo-sensitive paper to direct sunlight.

Printed by the sun: These ‘sun prints’ involve exposing photo-sensitive paper to direct sunlight.

Magpie Everleaf Collecting Botanicals

Paul Mathew – conservation biologist & Everleaf founder

Magpie Everleaf Sun Shadow
Magpie Everleaf Neck Label
Magpie Everleaf Back Label
Magpie Everleaf Signature Glass
Magpie Everleaf Founders Mark

At its heart of our founder's mark is our signature Spritz glass – an icon that represents our philosophy of serving pure botanical drinks that come ‘from wild roots’.

Magpie Everleaf Coasters
Magpie Everleaf Pour
Magpie Everleaf Serve
Magpie Everleaf Apron
Magpie Everleaf Seeds

We source ingredients in a way that helps protect biodiversity, as well as helping to support and develop the local communities that grow for us.

Magpie Everleaf Picking Botanicals
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