Senser Spirits

Lift your mind & mood

A new range of non-alcoholic Plant Spirits, purposefully crafted to lift your mood, without clouding your mind. ~

Founded by award-winning herbalist, Vanessa Jacoby, Senser blends active botanicals – Mother Nature’s tried and tested super ingredients – to harness the transformative properties of plants.

Launched for dry January, each spirit in the range gently promotes a specific mood state more commonly associated with alcohol consumption. From a growing sense of confidence (Blend One), to feeling sociable (Blend Two) and full of energy (Blend Three). So you can let your inner tiger out for the evening, without regretting it next morning.

Brand Identity, Packaging & Promotional Collateral


For each blend, this emotional transformation is captured in a playful story that wraps around the bottle, inviting you to slow down and interact with the pack. The uplifting narratives first introduce the active botanicals, then describe the metamorphosis into a symbolic spirit animal.

Beyond the central idea of spirit animals, the theme of mood elevation continues throughout the packaging. The Senser word mark, running vertically up the label, features subtle ‘up-arrows’. Serve suggestions encourage you to ‘smile as you pour’. Whilst on the neck label, an illustrated S monogram sums up the emotional transformation, with a figure diving into portal and emerging as a dolphin. All under the strap-line “Be Transported”.


The Portal Mark


The spirit animals that feature throughout the brand were created in collaboration with Australian printmaker, Jessica Benhar. Each incorporates botanical elements into its form, in subtle reference to the drink's ingredients.