Sleepy TV

Switch on to switch off

SleepyTV is a new health and wellbeing channel, dedicated to helping tired viewers get to sleep~. Created for the travel industry, the on-demand service is broadcast in-room or in-flight. It offers travellers a mix of guided meditation, yoga, breathwork and traditional storytelling, in environments where it can be hard to unwind.

Our brand is simple to remember and clearly communicates the purpose of the product. With a blinking behaviour that mimics sleep-heavy eyes, the logo works as an immediate shorthand for the channel that’s both recognisable and relatable.

Naming, strategy & brand creation, website, investor decks.

The blink logo is the focal point of the brand. With rounded, open lettering and expressive behaviour it brings an emotional warmth and immediacy to the platform. Seen at launch, and to introduce content, the logo provides a natural transition as the eyes close and the screen fades to black.


Different time zones and unfamiliar surroundings can play havoc with our sleep patterns, making it difficult to concentrate and regulate emotions. This insight informed an approach that prioritised simplicity, in the expectation that our audience would be poorly rested, anxious or agitated.


Evocative brand photography compliments the programming as it adapts to the time of day.